Dr. Ying Li

We are all led by our own inner wisdom to where we are.

Often it may seem that there are detours on the path of life. However, the moment we follow the guiding light in our hearts, we become one with our creator within, and we are at home.

My life journey has taken me from my motherland of birth in the orient to my adopted homeland in the United States of America. I was born in Beijing, China, and was raised by parents who were both scientists and teachers. Coming from an intellectual family, my life started in pursuit of answers through scientific inquiry. After graduating from the prestigious Physics Department of Beijing University, I moved to the United States to continue my graduate study and eventually received my Ph.D. degree in physics at the University of Texas at Austin. Though not apparent to me at that time,

The Chinese metaphysical concept of qi (life force) was deeply embedded in my upbringing.

As my study of physics deepened, I sensed that there was something more, something beyond physics. My search for answers in metaphysics brought me back to the root of my cultural upbringing.

It seems ironic that I found the millennia-old tradition of Chinese metaphysics in the West. With a scientific mind, I could discern systems that lacked reproducible empirical evidence or logic.

My search eventually led me to the meeting of the minds with Judy Morris, the first American Feng Shui Master designated by Master Joseph Yu of the Feng Shui Research Center. I feel very blessed to have been led to Master Yu’s research and logic-based approach to Chinese metaphysics.

Combining the study of modern physics and Chinese metaphysics reveals to me the secret of communicating with heaven and earth — Time and Space — the intention of the human heart through qi for manifesting our desires.

I sincerely wish to assist my fellow human beings, co-creators of this world, to be empowered to manifest our hearts’ desires.

Together we can create heaven on earth!

Light and Blessings,
~ Ying